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D&B Steamer Specialist Order Form Request
Thank you for choosing D&B Steamer Specialist Services! We’re excited to assist with your garment care needs, ensuring your event prep is both smooth and efficient. Here's what our service includes:

Our Service Details:

All-Inclusive Pricing: At $95 per hour with a 4-hour minimum, our service is comprehensive. This includes a responsible and ready-to-assist steamer specialist, along with one of our commercial-grade steamers – no separate steamer rental needed!
Total for Minimum Booking: $380.
Benefits You’ll Enjoy:

Reliable Steaming and Unpacking: Our specialists will assist you with garment steaming and unpacking, helping ensure everything looks presentable for your event.
Efficient and Cost-Effective: Avoid the extra costs and hassle of flying out additional staff. We provide the hands-on help right where you need it.
Setting the Right Expectations (With a Friendly Note):

Focused Assistance, Not Handywork: Our team is there to assist with your garments; please note they aren’t equipped for tasks like drilling or heavy lifting.
Ground-Level Operations: Safety first – we don’t use ladders in our service.
Dedicated to Your Booth: Our specialists are there to support you at your booth, focusing solely on garment-related tasks.
Garment Care Only: While we're ready to lend a hand with your garments, setting up displays is not part of the service.

We’re looking forward to helping you! Fill out this order request, and we’ll connect via email to finalize and confirm everything. Have questions now? Contact us at

Here’s to a successful, hassle-free event!

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