43"h Digital LCD Pedestal w/ Android OS

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Elevate your trade show presence by renting our advanced Pedestal Display with a 37" stretch LCD digital sign. This display is not only a visually attractive addition to your booth but also a strategic investment that offers several advantages:

Enhanced Engagement: The large digital screen allows for the effective display of videos, slideshows, and high-quality images that grab attention and engage attendees from afar, increasing foot traffic to your booth.
Professional Aesthetics: The sleek design, highlighted by an LED-illuminated mirrored top surface, adds a modern touch to your booth, enhancing the overall aesthetic and making your space stand out in a crowded expo.
Interactive Features: With built-in speakers, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity, this display supports interactive content such as product demonstrations or customer testimonials that can be altered in real-time to suit audience interests.
Increased Functionality: The inclusion of USB ports allows for easy content sharing and connectivity of additional devices, which is perfect for live presentations and demonstrations.
Secure Storage: The locking storage compartment at the rear provides a secure space for personal items and additional marketing materials, keeping your booth organized and professional throughout the event.
Cost-Effective: At a rental price of $350, this display offers a high return on investment by enhancing brand visibility and customer interaction without the need for large-scale booth design changes.
Ideal for exhibitors looking to boost their brand's impact and functionality, this pedestal display offers a multi-dimensional tool that serves both marketing and practical booth needs effectively.




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